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Skincare in Menopause.

What is the best treatment for menopausal skin?

Well, if it hasn't happened yet, it will. I promise. Menopause is technically defined as the one-year anniversary of not having your period. Every day after is called post-menopause and referred to as peri-menopause if you're starting to get your period less often. Given that studies show that women's skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause, do something about it now... please! Many women start internally by taking collagen and vitamin C supplements for menopausal skin to boost cell production.

(*see below for the most popular collagen power with 199k reviews!)

How do I stop my skin from sagging during menopause?

Regardless of which cycle phase of menopause you are in, your skin is losing collagen. Finally two excellent moisturizers for mature skin affected by menopause or pre-menopause. Our hormone levels during menopause change, which you may have noticed. Just as with puberty, so too with menopause, the imbalances result in complexion challenges. During menopause, our skin typically gets dryer, duller and thinner due to the loss of collagen. The plumpness diminishes and the wrinkles get more vertical down the cheeks. Look at someone in their 80s without a skin care regimen, and you'll see your future unless you do something now.

Here are some typical skin changes that women may experience leading up to and during menopause:

  • decreased collagen production

  • increased fine lines and wrinkles

  • vertical creases

  • thinner, looser skin

  • dryness

  • increased facial hair

  • acne

  • sunspots

Clarins Multi-Intensive, Super Restorative product comes to the rescue. Their formula combines organic gorse plant to improve tone and tackle loose skin, and organic harungana extract, a plant-based alternative to retinol that helps to stimulate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. This is a liquid lotion that hydrates and restores radiance and, works well with your morning or evening skincare routine. It helps to even out skin texture, as well. This essence revitalizes the complexion leaving it brighter.

Next up with excellence, Lancome's Rénergie Collection.

I love the anti-aging night cream as an overnight moisturizer that targets multiple signs of aging while I sleep. Designed for women aged 60 and over, who are looking for global anti-aging action to regain a healthy glow. It addresses skin concerns such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, sagging, and dryness. Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Night Cream is formulated with Linseed extract containing peptides, an ingredient that is known to help target visible signs of aging that are linked to collagen loss in the skin, and it is infused with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and black tea.

Ladies, even if you use Botox or filler, stay on top of your skincare. Do what you can to delay those dreadful jowls from appearing (collective eye roll). Delay those lines that run from the tip of the nose to the corners of the mouth (collective head nod). Never lose your motivation to keep that face of yours looking vibrant.

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