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Do Microcurrent Facial Toning Devices Really Work?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Oh yes! They do. If you’ve treated yourself to a facial or follow skincare blogs or social media, you know there are several skincare devices available now for home use that previously was only available with a dermatologist. Microcurrent was first used in the 1980s to treat Bell’s Palsy. Once the face-lifting benefits were noticed, it didn’t take long for the skincare realm to look further.

What is microcurrent for skincare?

Microcurrent mimics our body’s own natural bioelectrical field. It is a non-invasive facelift tool using a low-level current of electricity to stimulate the facial muscles. The current penetrates the muscles, training them to tone up facial skin. As we age, and we all do, our muscles are trained to various expressions and remember them, unfortunately, such as the “11’s between the eyebrows. Sagging sets in when other facial muscles are used less coupled with losing collagen, and our skin begins to atrophy… think of marionette lines framing the chin.

All microcurrent signals to the muscles help strengthen and re-educate muscles. The benefit is to give the face some lift and tone for a younger appearance. At the same time, microcurrent improves circulation and helps to stimulate collagen, which gives a plumping help. It even stimulates ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is muscle energy that is responsible for photosynthesis, muscle re-education, and protein synthesis. What’s not to love here when you add up the benefits?! (As always, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions.) Microcurrent devices come with and require a conductive gel to be used with the treatment and it is pain-free.

What The Benefits of Microcurrent skincare devices?

· Blood circulation.

· Collagen and elastin production.

· Slow the signs of aging.

· Improves pigmentation and sun damage.

· Stimulates ATP.

· Penetration of skincare products.

· Tones and lifts.

With microcurrent, similar to exercise, we need to continue to stimulate the facial muscles as part of your anti-aging efforts. Use it regularly. Take selfie photos before you start, and then again after 6 months of regular use. I promise you’ll smile! So, think of a microcurrent skincare device as your personal trainer for your face! And, fear not, these products have been clinically tested, and using microcurrent at home combines well with other treatments and is safe for year-round use.

Best Microcurrent Device For 2022

3 Favorites for 2022 : (a collective recommendation).

The NuFace is one of the best-known at-home microcurrent devices and easy to use. Comes with gel. Has an ergonomic design. Most people notice positive results after several sessions. However, you need to keep using the device five times per week for the first 60 days to get full results.

My personal favorite. Uses microcurrent and nano-current technologies to deliver effective results. Nano-current has a much smaller electrical wavelength than microcurrent, which allows it to easily reach deep into the layers of the skin, offering long-lasting results. Using the free ZIIP mobile app, you gain a variety of additional settings for personalized treatment.

Access to a mobile app for custom treatments. Includes multiple intensity settings. The serum does not provide the best connection with the skin for achieving an electrical current. You may need to use a different gel.

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