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My Husband Commented In The Morning While We're Still In Bed, "Have you been up? You look great".

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

What would luxury skin care be without the La Prairie Luxury Brand?!

To be honest, when I first came upon this brand I immediately thought of the show Little House on the Prairie which followed the daily travails of a family living in small town Walnut Grove, Minnesota in the late 1800s. 1800s? Such a rugged time.

Yet, when I learned that La Prairie Skin Care brand is of Swiss science with rare ingredients I was brought back to Now! La Prairie dates back to the 1930s and pioneered cellular anti-aging therapies and became the first brand to actually apply this research to skin care and well-known for developing Cellular Complex.

I just had to try it and purchased a complimentary gift for starters.

I read on another blog, that two friends bought one jar and split it! A creative way to get their hands/face on it given it's high price point.

I used it at night, but not right before bed. Typically, I change into pajamas and do my night skin care routine and watch some TV or read. A personal choice to allow products to absorb before I hit the pillow. My hope was that it helped to fight back against anti-aging, and I liked that it's Dermatologist-tested.

What I appreciated was that La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream is powered by the brand's exclusive Cellular Complex which allowed my skin cells to rejuvenate.. while I slept.. as the formula is packed with peptides and anti-oxidants to smooth, moisturize, firm and restore the skin.

The deal breaker? >> My husband commented in the morning while we were still in bed, "Have you been up already? You look great." Bing, Bing, Bing!!

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