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AUGUSTINUS BADER. Why Celebrities use The Rich Cream.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

No luxury skincare discussion would be complete without mentioning AUGUSTINUS BADER. World-leading stem cell researcher, Professor Augustinus Bader, has been around for thirty years. Augustinus Bader uses a unique, patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) to help reduce lines and wrinkles, as well as damage caused by environmental stressors, such as sun, wind, pollution and harsh weather. He is known as a pioneer in stem cell research and has spent years uncovering the body’s own capacity to heal. In 2007, Bader developed a hydrogel that allowed some burn patients to forgo skin grafts. Due to his popularity in high-end skin care, you'll see many of his products at decent prices on Amazon. Many are committed to Augustinus Bader's The Rich Cream.

Do Celebrities Use Augustinus Bader Brand?

Yes! Jennifer Aniston was seen using the cream before getting on camera for the set of The Morning Show, and Victoria Beckham is known to keep it on hand. Gigi Hadid, and Kim Kardashian are also fans of it. If they are believers, I just had to try it!

The Rich Cream, has PPC Cellular Renewal Rich Cream with TFC8,

known as a luxury, super hydrator that stimulates the skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation to improve the complexion. TFC8®: A complex of natural amino acids, medical-grade vitamins, and synthesized molecules naturally found in skin, which guides key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to cells, creating an optimal environment for regeneration. It is for all skin types as well offering a protective shield against dryness by using Vegan Oils - argan, avocado, and evening primrose oil, all to help to protect the skin from free radicals. It is known to be, "Intensely luxurious, hydrating and nourishing. Supports cellular renewal to dramatically improve the complexion's appearance." The Rich Cream promotes elasticity, supports skin barrier protection, and prevents trans-epidermal water loss leaving your skin supple, plump, and smooth.

The Benefits:

  • Visibly reduces the signs of aging and environmental influences

  • Deeply hydrates to relieve dry skin

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves tone and texture

  • Helps protect the skin from free radical damage and oxidative stress

  • Contains water-based ingredients suspended in oils, giving it a richer, emollient feel on skin

  • Formulated without parabens, fragrance, mineral oils, sulfate

How to use Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

The Rich Cream goes on as a thick cream and feels like an emollient. It’s great for nighttime use for overnight hydration and because it does not have SPF. However, they suggest applying twice a day with excess also used on your chest. I also apply 'leftovers' to my elbows. I found this to be a plumping moisturizer packed with omega fatty acids that restored my dull face by morning. The formula is a savior when my face is extra dry and I'm needing a glow. Combatting aging is at the top of my list and this cream helps me achieve my goal. Yes, it's expensive, but there's no doubt I need it. Sometimes every night, sometimes once a week, but it has a home in my home.

We are always in luxurious hands with Augustinus Bader products!

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