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Jan Marini C-Esta Face Serum

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Jan Marini's C-ESTA Face Serum is wonderful for mature skin. Here's why:

If you have concerns about skin damage from exposure to free radicals or have hyper-pigmentation, and of course, concerns about aging skin, this product seems to help all skin types. With the fusion of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, panthenol and

Vitamins C and E and B5, you'll receive helpful benefits.

Containing DAE Complex and Vitamin C, the serum is an easily-absorbed liquid anti-aging treatment that encourages revitalization for a smoother and more youthful-looking complexion. With continued use, they boast that skin becomes brighter, firmer and more resilient. Deeper lines appear less noticeable, skin tones even out and the skin will appear healthier.

C-ESTA Serum is suitable to use with glycolic acid products, tretinoin other topical medications, moisturizers and makeup.

C-Esta Face Serum is recommend for collagen boosting and tightening of the facial contours. While they also suggest it helps with hyper-pigmentation, some instead recommend her lightening products for that.

To use, apply on the face and under the chin to help tighten your jawline as well.

In summary, Vitamin C encourages collagen and elastin production while increasing skin absorption. DMAE firms, tones and tightens skin. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the complexion, and finally, Vitamins C, B5 and E provide powerful antioxidant protection

P.S. Meghan Markle seems to like Jan Marini's C-Esta Face Serum

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Janice Cook
Janice Cook
Oct 17, 2023

Have any of you tried Jan Marini skincare? I'd love to hear about your experiences and any other products you recommend. Skincare is so personal, and it's great to share insights and tips with fellow enthusiasts! Kindly Check for more details

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