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What do Giorgio Armani, Richard Gere & Miami Vice Have In Common? Luxury Skincare!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I'll admit it. I had a major crush on Richard Gere. If you did too, please tell me.

Long after it's 1982 release, me and my college roommates rented the movie Officer and a Gentleman and watched it twice over a weekend. But I confess. I went and bought it. I must have watched it close to 20 times! That sex scene with Debra Winger? OMG. And when he scooped her up in his uniform? If you haven't, it's a must. I was glued back then!

This spurred me to watch his other movies, one being, American Gigolo. He was handsome and well dressed in that film. Do you know why? He was dressed in Armani. Come to find out Don Johnson was also wearing Armani on Miami Vice. He was a easy on the eyes too.

Rentals and reruns are great for catching up on what I missed... Did I also dream of one day marrying them - famous, handsome men in Armani? Shhh.. Yes.

But like all other crushes, I straightened my crown and moved on.

Needless to say, they spurred my interest in Armani, who grew to be synonymous with luxury. His global brand became a fashion empire and in 2007, Armani teamed up with L'Oréal, for his skincare line Crema Nera (Black Cream). And, like an explosion it sparked attention.

I hadn't tried it, so I gifted my friend Jessica Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Supreme Foam-in-Cream Cleansing Moisturizer, and asked her to report back to me. (Thank you, Jess!)

As she added water it lathered into a micro-foam froth, and that in itself was enjoyable to her. She loved how the foam felt on her face, and a little dab went a long way as it foamed into a thick, rich cleanser. She felt it left her face feeling fresh. She didn't mind the mild fragrance and found the scent quickly disappeared when she rinsed off. Since she has sensitive skin, she appreciated that it's a soap-free cleanser that is moisturizing. She also liked that it's made with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which in case you're unfamiliar, AHAs are water-soluble acids made from sugary fruits not chemicals, which gently peel away dead skin and exfoliate. She remarked that her skin felt noticeably softer compared with her go-to CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser which didn't offer exfoliation. Bellissima!

Crema Nera Foam-in-Cream Cleaner runs at $90. For Luxury Skin Care blog visitors, here is a free shipping link for orders over $75.

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