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Charlotte Tilbury Brand: Refillable Skincare

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Charlotte Tilbury Skincare Brand's Smart Packaging

I'm so glad that the well-loved Charlotte Tilbury Skincare Brand is offering refillable capsules to several products. I previously blogged about her Magic Serum which I loved and realized I had not yet written about her MAGIC EYE RESCUE. Then I realized, it's time to write about refillable skincare packaging with a reusable beauty product!

I'm now getting ready to purchase MAGIC EYE RESCUE REFILL, a capsule which drops into the glass jar now that the jar is finished.

I'm also ready to refill my empty jar of Magic Cream with:

  • Hyaluronic acid moisturizes outer layers for hours so skin looks softer and plumped

  • Vitamins C and E to brighten and even skin tone, fights dullness

  • Bionymph peptide complex diminishes the appearance of wrinkles

Can you get refills for Charlotte Tilbury?

Yes. Try any of the links on this post to get to the website for refills. Refillable skin care lotions, creams, and hair products are gaining popularity by big brands as well as purchasing lotion refills.

The wonderful formulation of the Tilbury Brand includes plant stem cells from winter daphne extract, which is known to tighten and firm the appearance of under-eye skin with Magic Eye Rescue and it did for me! Stem cells have antioxidant properties and nourish our skin which encourages cell turnover by increasing collagen production. And collagen improves skin elasticity which slows with aging. As we lose collagen our skin does the dreadful sag. And, who also wants time-released retinol that works on your face hour-by-hour? I do, I do!

Note: if you have Tilbury creams in plastic jars, the new refills will not work on former designs.

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