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Don't Neglect The Skin Around Your Eyes Like I Had ... Skincare For Eyes

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I never really paid attention to eye care until years after graduate school. I was mostly just bothered by the dark circles I always had but that was easily remedied with cover up, all gone! So, I never thought much of it until... my eyes started to age and show fine lines under each eye and then the horror of my eye lids becoming heavier. Sliding down like melting icebergs! You know, the hooded lids where it's almost absurd to even use eye shadow. The fine lines creased more and more each time I smiled. Since I wasn't going to stop smiling, I began my research on skin care eye products to address both issues. Here's the skinny on 2 skincare eye products that I used.

To help me get started, my friend gave me a gift of Aveda Brightening Sleeping Eye Masque, part of their Tulasāra™ Collection, to get me started on my journey for the best eye cream. (Thank you, Lisa!) In Sanskrit, Tulasara means moving toward balance, and is inspired by Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic approach to healthy, balanced skin. And, I have yet to share this, but I was trained as an Ayurvedic Technician and worked in Deepak Chopra's first Ayurvedic Clinic in Massachusetts. (That's another page for another time.) Needless to say, I already had an interest in Ayurveda and naturally wanted to try this product.

I like that it's a night-time mask to hydrate and brighten and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness while I sleep. I used it nightly until I ran out. I appreciated how rich and moisturizing this Eye Masque is and loved that it was a fragrance-free eye cream and cruelty-free. And while my quest was only about improving those lines under my eyes, lo and behold, it did reduce the appearance of my dark circles because, according to Aveda, it's due to being made with turmeric extract, algae, licorice root and molasses root extracts that help diminish dark under-eye circles.

P.S. It's also formulated with tomato, potato, red raspberry stem cells that work overnight to help support skin’s natural repair processes. Thank you, Aveda!

Next, I pursued my hunt to address my hooded eye lids and bought Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Eye because it's designed with a blend of organic agropyron extract and organic oat sugars and caffeine which all help to tighten and lift to reduce the appearance of heavy-looking eyelids. And, while they suggest to dab it all around the eyes, I only put it above my eyes because I was fixated to target my heavy lids. Personal choice. And yes, it greatly helped and improved them. It didn't reduce them completely but noticeably. I'll forever more have an eye skin care routine.

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