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Age Beautifully

Luxury-Skin-Care is packed with articles about how you can slow the process of aging skin and maintain your beauty as years go by. We are all not just interested in looking younger - we want to maintain our beautiful skin! Check out this helpful blog for tips, and products reviews.


Taking care of our skin takes dedication. As different as each of our thumbprints is, so are our skin concerns. 
Do you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin? Are you concerned about dark circles, age spots, pores, creepy skin, dull skin? Or how about redness, puffy eyes, or sagging jowl or lip lines? Then there are the fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes or forehead. Sooner or later we have one or some of these. Click on the Skin Concerns in the Menu Bar to find product reviews for your concerns.



Skincare Devices have been growing in popularity for some time. Deep-diving into

what skincare consumers search for on a monthly basis shows that at-home skincare devices are on the

rise.  Our skincare needs are individual and affected by age, environment, stress, and genetics. 

Skin devices paired with products improve results.  

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Luxury-Skin-Care BLOG

My Blog. I became slowly and increasingly more interested in my skin after age 40.

I noticed my skin was less plump, wrinkles were on the rise and crepey skin on my left cheek, driver's side, really bothered me.

I learned that for wrinkles or a dull complexion the best way to preserve a youthful glow was to update my daily skincare routine. I delved in and privately documented what I learned. I studied and researched too. My friends wanted to know what

I was learning and doing so I started a blog initially for them to all see at once. And that grew to share with all of you.

I'm so glad to have you join my blog.

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